If you have a values or behaviour framework you’d like to build your 360 programme around we can help.

360 feedback is at its most effective when the questions asked and therefore the feedback report include subject areas important to the appraisee. It is also important that the language and style of the questions are credible and realistic for the environment in which it is being used.

This is particularly important for organisations and professions in the health sector. While all our frameworks are designed for people in health care the more relevant and connected with other development activity your 360 programme is the easier it will be for people to engage with it.

There are two ways to use create bespoke 360 feedback questionnaires. As we most of our services we offer both a self-managed and a ‘done for you’ option.

Self-managed questionnaires

If you already have a 360 questionnaire you are happy with we can provide you with a robust online platform to run it on, generating the same high quality, comprehensive feedback reports as our ‘ready to go’ questionnaires.

‘Done for you’ service

Often designing a 360 questionnaire starts out as a straight-forward exercise. It can, however, become a complex process as you try to ensure all aspects are covered. Another challenge can be ensuring that the 360 questions make sense to people who need to use it and not just to those who were involved in its construction. Not getting these fundamentals right can seriously affect the engagement with and outcomes of your 360 feedback programme.

Questionnaire design is an art in its self. Competency areas (or values & behaviours) need to be identified first. Each of these then needs a set of observable behaviours, things other people can comment on to form the scored part of the questionnaire. The behaviours are listed in statement form each asking for positive comment (ie more is better) on one aspect of behaviour. Each statement needs to be written in clean clear language and pitch in a way that respondents will be able to understand and give an answer. 

As part of the ‘done for you’ service Health Service 360 can help you in a number of ways:

  1. Review questionnaires you have designed yourself, provide feedback and suggestions where appropriate.
  2. Develop 360° feedback questionnaires from your existing values or behaviour framework
  3. Develop a competency framework for you from scratch.

Once your questionnaire is designed it needs to be tested, probably tweaked and then piloted with a small group. We will do this in partnership with you ensuring you are happy with the questionnaire content at each stage of the journey.

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