Administered Service

This 'done for you' service is carried out by our internal team of 360 feedback administrators.

How it works: first you agree on a plan and timeline with your programme manager, then we will manage the information collection on your behalf. Specific service specification can be agreed on an individual basis and typically would include the following:

  • You will be allocated a dedicated administrator
  • You supply names and emails of those you want to have 360 feedback and we do the rest
  • Set up of individual 360s
  • Ensure the agreed number and mix of respondents are identified
  • Monitor the progress of participants, sending reminders to appraisee and respondents as agreed
  • Liaise with appraisee over any bounced email addresses
  • Download 360 feedback reports and forward them to the identified coach of facilitator
  • Project overview to the client at agreed time intervals (usually fortnightly) with any actions required.

You can get on with your day job safe in the knowledge that Health Service 360 is making sure that your 360 programme gets the attention it needs to runs smoothly and that appraisees complete their 360 in time to meet your organisational demands.