The way that information in 360-degree feedback report is managed is probably the most important part of the entire 360 process. Effective 360 feedback facilitation is critical in ensuring acceptance of the feedback, ownership of the themes emerging and learning to be had from them. Help from a 360 feedback facilitator can make a real difference to the extent personal growth and performance improvement achieved.

There are a number of ways Health Service 360 can support you with 360 feedback facilitation.

One to One 360 Feedback Facilitation

Our team of experienced feedback coaches are used to working with health professionals and understand the culture of health care. They provide a structured feedback session usually lasting between 1.5 -2 hours. During this meeting, they explore the content of the 360 feedback report, hold coaching style conversations around the themes emerging and work with the appraisee to identify what behaviours can be enhanced or altered in order to develop personally and professionally within their role. These are recorded as an action plan.

These one to one feedback sessions can be carried out face to face, on the telephone or via Skype. External feedback facilitation can be particularly useful for senior teams, groups where behaviour or performance is perceived to be challenged prior to the 360 intervention and for some individuals where sensitivity and anonymity are critical.