What Happens After The #EndPJparalysis Challenge?

Make Patients' Time Count - TODAY


Join Professor Brian Dolan & Lynda Holt

on 11th October,  at the Crowne Plaza, NEC, Birmingham

#EndPJparalysis is becoming a global force for change in healthcare. The recent 70 day challenge resulted in 710,468 patients mobile and 703,161 patients dressed recorded across the UK – we suspect the actual number was even higher. This campaign was first and foremost about valuing patient’s time. Many of these patients are in their last 1000 days, so they are the very people who do not have time to waste. Sadly, they are also the people most likely to get stuck in our hospital and health systems.

Now that the challenge is over, the awards awarded, and novelty normalised, how do you sustain the significant benefits demonstrated for patients, staff and systems during the challenge? This one day workshop, draws on the TODAY model, (Dolan & Holt 2017), to create a tangible strategy for maintaining the #EndPJparalysis benefits. This workshop is about practical, deliverable ways to lead, empower and engage those around you to treat time as the most valuable currency in healthcare.



  • What we learned from the challenge
  • Applying the TODAY model
  • Maintaining focus on the benefits of #EndPJparalysis
  • Initiatives that value patients’ time
  • Leading others
  • Next steps




  • Professor Brian Dolan, Health Service 360 – creator of #EndPJparalysis, 
  • Lynda Holt, Health Service 360
  • Steve Mosby, Health Innovation Manchester
  • Pete Gordon, Emergency Care Intensive Support Team 



  • Clinical Practitioners delivering care
  • Leaders of care, both clinical and managerial
  • People Service Improvement roles
  • Those getting to grips with #EndPJparalysis
  • Anyone focused on valuing patient time
  • Teams to learn more about TODAY model

Why Does This Matter? 


#EndPJparalysis provides an unparalleled opportunity to reduce risk, harm and the associated costs of hospital related deconditioning.  It keeps the focus and activity on enhancing patient experience, valuing patient time, protecting both their mobility and their cognitive function while in hospital

If this were your last 1000 days how many would you want to spend in hospital?

Our Mission

To help you make a difference to the things you care about.

In a busy and stressed health environment it’s easy to feel you have no voice, like you have the answers but no one’s listening. Perhaps you don’t feel you have the authority to make change, like there’s already too much changing – too many people calling the shots – and you wouldn’t be alone. We have heard this story over and over from people or all disciplines and levels of seniority. Yet these same people rock up and make a difference every day.

The thing is, big changes – cultural shifts – all start somewhere, usually by one person, and then the next, and then the next, each making a stand or a small change to something they have influence over. 


All it takes is for each of us to be brave enough to make a our own stand about the things that matter to us TODAY.

TODAY a model for change


Time – Is the most important currency in healthcare. How to maximise time, minimise wasted time and prioritise patients’ time

Ownership – Is about taking responsibility, understanding what you can influence and gaining support

Diagnostics – Is understanding what good looks like then being able to assess care and activity against that and identify potential problems

Action – Identifies some of the things that are already prioritising patients’ time. How to engage others in meaningful change

You – Is about understanding yourself, the impact you can have and how to influence others to make change

Make Patients’ Time Count – TODAY

11th October, 9.30am – 4.45pm at the Crowne Plaza, NEC Birmingham 



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Date & Time:

11th October 2018

9.30 - 4.45pm  (coffee & registration from 8.30am)

What Others Are Saying

Professor Dolan is an inspiration. I left feeling energised, entertained and like I have control again.

What Other's Are Saying

TODAY has given us the formula for making quick and effective things happen.

What Others Are Saying

Lynda really makes you stop and think, this is not just another change workshop. Now I get it.

Join Professor Brian Dolan, Lynda Holt and special guests Steve Mosby & Pete Gordon

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