The 70 day #EndPJparalysis Challenge aims to save a million days of patient time by getting up, dressed and moving while in hospital.

The 70-day #EndPJparalysis Challenge is running across the UK and Ireland from 17 April to 26 June 2018 to tie in with the 70th anniversary of the NHS on 5 July 2018. For the purpose of this challenge a day of patient time is defined as  every day a patient is up, dressed and moving rather than in their hospital bed.

#EndPJparalysis become a global social movement embraced by nurses, therapists and medical colleagues. Its aim is to help more people to live the richest, fullest lives possible by reducing immobility, muscle deconditioning,and dependency at the same time as protecting cognitive function, social interaction and dignity while in hospital, in care homes and even in their own homes.

If this was your last 1000 days how many of them would you choose to spend in hospital?

Time left in the 70 Day #EndPJparalysis Challenge:








Download the #EndPJparalysis data collection app

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store or the App Store by searching for#EndPJparalysis (by Cambridge Digital Health).

Download from App Store  for Apple phones / iPads here     

Download from Play Store for Android phones / tablets here

For further information and lots of useful resources visit the #EndPJparalysis website

 Are You Challenge Ready?


  • Have you downloaded the #EndPJparalysis app?
  • Are you registered on your app?
  • Do have your ward data?
  • Does everyone in your team know about the challenge?
  • Have you made your pledge?

Make it fun, make it count 


Everyday a patient spends in bed without clinical reason has the potential to cause harm, and this is exacerbated for the elderly, and the chronically ill, the very people who may have the least time to waste. This challenge is about preventing harm, promoting recovery and focusing awareness. The benefits extend well beyond the actual patients involved in the next 70 days. This challenge will change attitudes of clinicians, or relatives and of patients themselves, this challenge will give voice (and evidence) to something we know to be true – moving is good for you.

#EndPJparalysis has gained huge support from patients, relatives and carers. Patients describe feeling like they are getting better, feeling like real people, and feeling more able to more confident in their recovery. Their relatives and carers are seeing the change and love that their relative is up and dressed when they come into see them.