Emergency Care Conference

17-18th October 2024

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Everyone’s experience is improved when time is well spent – efficiently, with care and with commitment to do the best for patients and staff.  People define culture, and people create good or bad experiences. When your people are courageous, connected and contributing, your services are at their best. Develop and sustain engaged, resourceful leaders and committed teams with us.

Health Service 360 is an award-winning development consultancy founded by Lynda Holt and Professor Brian Dolan OBE in 2001. Our team is made up of clinicians, leaders and subject experts and coaches, who all have a thorough understanding of health sector culture, and most have worked in leadership roles in healthcare.

While we offer similar ranges of Leadership Development, Service Improvement and Change Management, it is our way of working that makes the difference. Connection is key to change, as well as an innate need to contribute. Drawing on Dolan & Holt’s tried and tested change and leadership models TODAY & ICARE, our experience of local and global change campaigns and our dislike of rhetoric and theory for its own sake, we promise you practical, sustainable development solutions.

Cultural Change

Culture is created and changed by internal narrative – people need the tools and the permission to act


Leadership is about hope and possiblity – good leaders move people

360 Feedback

Honest, relevent feedback is a powerful tool for individual and organisational growth. Find Out More


The home of the Global Summit and the NHS 70 challenge – Frailty is not inevitable. Read More

Global Summit 2024

Invest In Your Future Self

The demands of a pressured health system create a significant risk to staff mental and physical well being. Creating an environment where people feel connected,  that they are being heard and that they are making a difference goes a long way towards wellbeing. We each have a responsibility to speak out for ourselves and look out for each other. All of the work we do values time and puts people at the centre in the hope that each one makes a small investment in their future self.

Share best practice, research and challenges with other health professionals