Time is the most important currency in healthcare.

In a pressured service focus inevitably goes on what is being measured, this drives improvement agendas – both financial and time targets, and ultimately can give the impression of success or failure. As a leader, clinician or manager this can be challenging, frustrating and sometimes disheartening, especially when improvement agendas appear to conflict with delivering high quality patient care and keeping staff engaged.  Everyone’s experience is improved when time is well spent – efficiently, with care and with commitment to do the best for patients and staff. 

Sometimes you have the solutions all you need is enough headspace to sort it out and make it happen. Other times a bit of outside help is needed to challenge custom & practice, ways of thinking and working and to support implementation.

Health Service 360 are an award winning development consultancy with over 17 years experience of supporting health providers across 3 continents to deliver care they are proud of. If you need help with improving patient experience, developing leadership, 360 feedback or service improvement let’s chat. Our team is made up of clinicians, consultants and coaches, all have a through understanding of health sector culture, and most have worked in leadership roles in the NHS.

Re-energise, engage and empower your people – we listen, challenge and enable them to contribute to a service they feel proud of.

Let’s work together to develop leadership capability, to deliver against more than performance indicators Lets also work towards your real aspirations for patient care.

•   Developing Leadership

•   Service Improvement

•   Coaching

•   360 Feedback

People, Processes and Performance (The 3Ps)

You will probably have a good understanding of what might need to change. The challenge is that you are often too close, too busy or too distracted to actually make change happen. This is where external experts can help. By looking at your people, processes and performance indicators, and working with you to assess your current position, your ideas and aspirations, and your immediate challenges and problems; we can help you to identify and implement sustainable solutions.




There are three questions you should all ask yourself regularly:


1. Do your people really have the skills they need to do what is expected of them?


2. Do your processes support the high-quality care you want to deliver?


3. Does your cultural behaviour get the best from all your people?

Your People

As you might expect, the vast majority of people in the NHS sit somewhere between technically competent and extremely skilled when it comes to the clinical or specialist aspects of their role. Where we consistently find challenges is in interpersonal behaviours, communication skills and leadership ability – many are unaware of the impact they have on their team, their juniors and the organisation. 360 degree feedback, integrated leadership programmes and coaching all help to embed the skills and cultural behaviours your people need.

Your Processes

People can often get lost in process, (both staff and patients), we look at what you do and how you do it. It doesn’t usually take much poking and probing to get people talking and thinking about what works and what could be done differently. Often those who can most impact on the quality of patient experience have got lost in processes, sometimes feeling disempowered, tired and overwhelmed with little or no control of their work environment, even at quite senior level.

Understanding the differing skills team members have and how to utilize them positively helps people to work together and find creative ways to deliver best quality care. Often people need permission to use the skills they have, particularly if they are not the technical or clinical skills expected of their role. Consultancy support, a lean approach and support with implementation all give people the confidence and courage to make change. These frontline changes often improve patient experience without increasing the cost of service delivery.

Your Performance

The reality is there are performance and financial imperatives that just have to be met. We are frequently invited to work with organisations in the first instance because one or more of these imperatives has not been met. Although the NHS (and international health systems) are under huge pressure due to increasing demand and limited resources, performance dips are usually the compounded by either people or processes or both.

360 Feedback

An easy to use online process, supported by an administration service, with feedback facilitation or a complete ‘done for you’ package.

360 degree feedback can be a motivating and satisfying experience where both the individual and their organisation benefit. It is much more than a knee jerk reaction to revalidation. It creates a genuine opportunity for improved self-awareness, individual growth and improved organisational leadership.

Unlike a psychometric 360 feedback is drawn from a combination of the views and feeling of those you work with day in day out, your professional peers, those who report to you and your line manager. This is incredibly powerful and difficult to ignore.   Read more  

Health Service 360 have put together a flexible easy to use system that enables you to use a ready-made questionnaire or create your own mapped to your values or behaviour frameworks.  Run your projects your way with as much or as little support from Health Service 360 as you need.

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