360 Feedback - For Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Leaders.

Ready to go questionnaires, or bespoke to your organisational framework, suitable for developing leadership capability
360 degree feedback can be a motivating and satisfying experience where both the individual and their organisation benefit. It is much more than a knee jerk reaction to revalidation. A well run 360 feedback is easy, clear, relevant and properly managed and it creates a genuine opportunity for improved self-awareness, individual growth and improved organisational leadership.

Unlike a psychometric, 360 feedback is drawn from a combination of the views and feeling of those you work with day in day out, your professional peers, those who report to you and your line manager. This is incredibly powerful and difficult to ignore.

Yet finding the time and capacity to carry out 360 feedback properly can be a real challenge, patient and service priorities, as well as daily fire-fighting, can leave little time for other activities. At Health Service 360 we know this and have created a flexible 360 feedback system where you choose how much help and support you need. Our team is headed up by people who have worked in and with the NHS and international healthcare sectors for over 20 years. We understand the culture, the pressures and the constraints.

Making Your 360 Feedback Work

A well-managed feedback project will include effective planning, an easy to use online data collection process, individual feedback and organisational learning. We call this the Four Feedback Fundamentals

1. Planning

Things to consider:

  • Organisational objectives
  • Pre 360 communication
  • Reducing fear & creating trust
  • Asking the right questions
  • Realistic timeframe
2. Information Collection

A good system is:

  • Easy to use
  • flexible
  • includes scored & free text questions
  • clear simple reports


3. Individual Feedback

A supportive environment to:

  • Explore responses
  • Identify themes
  • What helps and hinders
  • Identify possible actions


4. Organisational Learning

Management information provides:

  • Insights into organisational culture
  • Team strengths and development needs
  • Identifies untapped talent

360 Feedback Your Way


Ready to go questionnaires for leaders, doctors and nurses.

Focuses on improving teamwork, enhancing morale and increasing staff retention.


Use your own questionnaire

If you prefer to map your 360 to your values or competency framework

 Branded micro site

If you want your own look & feel opt for a branded micro site – you provide your artwork we do the rest.

1:1 Feedback coaching

Effective feedback coaching is often the difference between empowering and destructive 360 feedback. In some circumstance an external facilitator is your best option, our facilitators are all qualified coaches with experience in the health sector.  Find out more 


Facilitator training

Running a larger 360 project, build your own internal body of feedback facilitators with a one day tailored workshop. Find out more


Organisational development

Extensive management information and facilitated team meeting help you to make the most of your 360 feedback investment. Find out more 

Benefits Of Using Health Service 360


With 10 years experience of supporting 360 feedback in the health sector, we work with individuals, teams and large organisations to ensure you get a 360 process which is

  •  Designed to meet NHS development agendas
  •  Provides competencies tailored to the candidates role
  •  Understood by candidate and respondents
  •  Translates into meaningful feedback reports
  •  Underpins robust personal development plans
  •  Identifies potential training needs
  •  Fast and easy to use