360 feedback for doctors is a key part of revalidation. Health Service 360 has created a simple, easy to use 360 feedback tool based on Good Medical Practice (2013) and compliant with current GMC recommendations. It is suitable both for organisations and individuals. Individual doctors can buy online now

How does it work?

Health Service 360 offer 360 feedback for doctors  through two routes,

  1.  A fast online service, you input your respondents, when they have all completed Health Service 360 collate the results and you can download your report from the website.
  2. Our premium administered service, you tell us who you want feedback from and we do the rest, sending you your report when it is complete.

What you get

A comprehensive 360 feedback report containing colleague and patient feedback, scored and free text responses, together with a workbook to help you get the most from your feedback.

The report

Your colleague feedback gives you an overview of your feedback, a detailed breakdown for each domain, free text comments and highest and lowest scoring areas

Patient feedback


Your patient feedback gives you answers from scored questions and free text comments.

360 Workbook

Your 360 workbook helps you to use your feedback, it enables you to identify themes and decide on actions