Colleague Questionnaire Online

The standard online service is fast and easy to use, it allows you to set up and administer your own 360 feedback through this website using your own unique login. You can complete your self-perception, add respondents then monitor progress, remind or remove respondents as appropriate. Once all your respondents have completed their feedback your report is available to download. £95 +VAT 

Colleague Questionnaire Administered Package

If you are short of time or prefer not to administer your own 360 feedback this premium service means all you need to do is supply names and email addresses for respondents and complete your self-perception; Health Service 360 does the rest. We will set up your 360 feedback, add your respondents, chase up as where necessary and email you your completed PDF report. £125 +VAT 

Colleague Questionnaire & Patient Survey

The same service as the Administered Package, but also includes a paper-based Patient Survey. You just return the completed patient forms to us and we compile your combined Colleague Feedback and Patient Survey report. £165 +VAT 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Complies with GMC criteria for 360° Feedback

  • Based on ‘Good Medical Practice’
  • Reflects both professional skills and interpersonal behaviour
  • Designed to inform professional development
  • Accompanying workbook to prepare for the appraisal
  • It includes a self-perception questionnaire, scored criteria and free text, and a paper-based patient questionnaire

Fast easy to use web-based system

  • Log in to your own control panel
  • Complete self-perception
  • Add respondents
  • Monitor progress
  • Download feedback report

Comprehensive feedback reports

  • Attractively designed downloadable reports in PDF and other formats
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Meaningful relevant information
  • Accompanying workbook to inform personal development

Getting the best from Health Service 360

  • Ask for feedback from a range of clinical and non-clinical colleagues
  • Remind respondents you want honest constructive feedback
  • Use the workbook to help you with career planning, professional growth and identifying development needs