10th -12th July 2019

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This three day virtual event will take place continually for 72 hours across the globe. Its aim is to share best practice around keeping people up, dressed and moving to improve quality of life and prevent deconditioning. The summit organisers are seeking to include case studies, research and clinical sessions as well as leading change, telling stories and creating social movements.


Why #EndPJparalysis is Important


The #EndPJparalysis campaign was first and foremost about valuing patients’ time, accepting that many of the people we care for are in their last 1000 days and they are the very people who do not have time to waste. They are also the very people who are most likely to get stuck in our hospital systems due to their increasingly complex health and social needs.

There is plenty of evidence that immobility in hospital leads to deconditioning, loss of functional ability and cognitive impairment, all of which have the potential to increase a patient’s length of stay, using up their valuable time.

The physical and emotional impact of deconditioning on individuals has been known about since the 1940’s. One of the major impacts of the #EndPJparalysis campaign has been the focus on both the individual and the organisational impact of ‘staying in bed’. Prior to this focus neither were fully explored or fully challenged.

#EndPJparalysis become a global social movement embraced by nurses, therapists and medical colleagues. Its aim is to help more people to live the richest, fullest lives possible by reducing immobility, muscle deconditioning,and dependency at the same time as protecting cognitive function, social interaction and dignity while in hospital, in care homes and even in their own homes.


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Organisations involved

  • NHS Horizons, England
  • Western Health, Melbourne, Australia
  • Alberta Health Services, Canada
  • NHS Improvement, England
  • Health Service 360, UK
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine, USA

“Patients’ time is the most valuable currency in healthcare. This is about making every minute count “

— Professor Brian Dolan OBE


About The Summit

How can i get involved?

If you would like to present on the Summit please CLICK HERE 

Submission deadline is 24th May

How does it work?

The Summit will run online for 72 hours. As soon as the programme is released you will be able to register for individual sessions. You can attend as many session as you wish, and all are free of charge.

Can i use the logo?

Please use and share the #EndPJparalysis logo to help support you own #EndPJparalysis campaigns and  your involvement in the summit.  As soon as possible we will have resources available for you to download and use.

Do i need any special software?

No, you won’t need special software.The summit is being run on line and each session will have a simple web link to joins.

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