Deconditioning causes harm

– it’s time to act.


The evidence is in – we know moving is good for you, yet every minute, every day people lie in hospital beds deconditioning – this can have life changing impact. The MOVEMENT movement creates a forum for nurses, therapists, doctors and health support staff to connect and talk about encouraging mobility and preventing harm. Individuals and organisations are invited to join free of charge – let’s #EndPJparalysis together.

“Patients’ time is the most important currency in health care – make every minute it count”

    Professor Brian Dolan OBE

About Us

#EndPJparalysis was originated by Professor Brian Dolan OBE. He believes that many of the people we care for are in their last 1000 days and they are the very people who do not have time to waste. Yet they are the people who are most likely to get stuck in our hospital systems due to their complex health and social needs. 

Following a 70 Day #EndPJparalysis Challenge to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS in 2018 and a 72 hour Global Summit in 2019, #EndPJparalysis has become a global movement embraced by nurses, therapists and medical colleagues.

Its aim: to value patients’ time and help more people to live the richest, fullest lives possible by reducing immobility, muscle deconditioning, and dependency at the same time as protecting cognitive function, social interaction and dignity. 

#EndPJparalysis Challenge App 

Emotion engages people, data drives organisational decisions. The completely redeveloped Challenge App does both. It enables you to access video and educational materials as well as collect information form your clinical teams. 

Sharing is Caring

Selected Global Summit Talks  from 2020 and 2019

In July 2019 the first #EndPJparalysis Global Summit was hosted by Lynda Holt & Professor Brian Dolan OBE. Clinicians, reasearchers and experts shared case studies, best practice and research these talks are available to watch online in The Movement Movement.

#EndPJparalysis Resources

If you want to use the #EndPJparalysis logo,  pledges or posters they are available for free download below.