Your ability to solve problems, advance practice and lead change

Towards yourself and others, how lead, support and empower others

How you show up, yourself awareness and the impact you have on those around you

Your ability to operate in uncertainty, to support others and to protect your own wellbeing

How you communicate and collaborate to connect and engage / motivate others.

This Icare leadership programme is about what it takes to lead in 2022.

Good leadership is that elusive secret sauce that holds people together, that allows us to achieve great things, despite constraints, and that raises expectation. Good leaders dabble with what’s possible, trade in hope and create a world that others want to be part of.

After 18 months marked by confusion, uncertainty, fear and rapid change, I believe that good leadership requires three things – courage, connection and contribution.

Leaders – and that is all of us, by the way, need to find a way to own our own imperfect glory, to make our mark and know – really know, that everyone of us makes the world a little bit better for someone everyday.

This is not as complicated or as onerous as it might seem, it’s about deeply understanding what matters to you, about what you stand for and about where you are prepared to show up for, both for yourself and for those around you.

I’m Lynda Holt and together with Brian Dolan, we have created the I CARE Framework for courageous leadership.

Between us we have several decades of leadership experience, we’ve been on many courses, we’ve lived through, embraced, and often disregarded multiple leadership trends.

And at the risk stating the obvious, here’s what I’ve learned – leadership is about how you make people feel, whether they trust you, whether they buy into your vision, whether they feel they are contributing, whether they feel part of something.