This online outline gives you the basics of the ICARE Braver Leaders Framework. It is designed as a recap of the core elements covered in ICARE, many of the exercises are repeated here if you want to revisit them at your leisure.


Understanding the breadth and impact  of connectedness, belonging, and culture, and your role in it



This both for yourself and towards others. It’s about how you lead, support and empower others.








This is about how you show up, your level of self awareness and your impact on those around you.


Your ability to operate in uncertainty, to support others and to look after yourself.



How you communicate, connect, and collaborate with others.

Prof. Lynda Holt

Course Lead

The Professional Bit:
I’m CEO of Health Service 360, and Honorary Professor of Social Leadership at University of Salford.

Over the last 20 years I have helped 1000’s of health professionals to lead well, value themselves and their teams and deliver a great patient experience. I’m an emergency nurse by background, served as UK Chair for RCN Emergency Care Association for 8 years, hold an MA in Sociology & Psychology, as well as post grad coaching & training qualifications.

What I’m really like:
I’ve always been a bit of a rebel – I believe it is ordinary people – each of us, that make the world a better place – little action by little action. This can only happen when we choose to live courageously, explore what’s possible and make the contribution we are each here to make.

I’m an enabler – in a good way – I love sharing my wisdom, learning from your wisdom and inspiring those in my world. My favourite past times include exploring, in all its forms – places, people, knowledge, I love adventuring, being awestruck, writing, photography and pretty much anything outdoors.

I believe most of us don’t even get close to what we are capable of and it’s time to change this, not by working harder or doing more , but by standing in our own imperfect glory and focussing on the things that matter to us.

It is a privilege to be working with you.