Make it Count – Compelling 360 Feedback Coaching Questions

Facilitating 360 feedback meetings can seem a little daunting, yet a good feedback meeting – one where the appraisee really gets clarity about where their feedback can help them, is perhaps the most powerful part of the whole process for people. Through a series of powerful questions, the facilitator helps the appraisee to identify the themes emerging from their feedback and decide on a course of action that will most benefit them.

For many people managing 360 feedback facilitation balancing discussion of the actual contents of the feedback report with the need to get engagement, sometimes acceptance, and a will to act on feedback a challenging exercise. It is, in essence, a three-step process, exploring how the appraisee feels, which impacts on their thinking and ultimately drives behaviour. Having a bank of tried and tested questions at hand makes the process a whole lot easier.

In association with Fink in Organisations, Lynda has devised a set of compelling coaching questions to help 360 feedback facilitators have discussions that really make a difference.

Fink in Organisations - 360 feedback

These cards provide a four-stage structure for feedback;

  • Set up
  • Report findings
  • Options
  • Actions

For each of these stages, the pack provides a set of colour code powerful questions.

Fink Cards- 360 feedback



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